Renovation of the Edmond J. Safra Oncology Department

The Need

Today, the department operates under space conditions that no longer meet the standard of quality patient-centered care. The main treatment area is too crowded and does not provide adequate privacy for each patient. Volume of treatments is constantly rising. This puts a strain on staff ability to provide maximum care and a satisfactory healing environment. We lack consultation and individual treatment rooms for physicians and other health professionals. Moreover, staff/student meeting, conference and study rooms are required for multidisciplinary discussions and the training of future generations of medical students and residents in the field of oncology.

The Project

The Oncology Department at Tzafon Medical Center provides ambulatory treatment for a variety of cancer types, including hematology and gynecologic oncology. The department is expected to expand its services in the near future by adding hospital beds, molecular pathological diagnosis, and more. However, the current space of the existing department does not meet the standards of quality care due to high workload and a lack of patient privacy. The renovation of the department includes a redesign of the existing space and an additional 90 square meters, which will allow for expansion and upgrading of treatment areas, as well as creating separation between different types of treatments provided in the department. The renovation will also provide additional private treatment rooms and staff instruction and gathering rooms.

The construction process is scheduled to begin in lat 2023 and is expected to be completed during 2024.