About Friends of Tzafon Medical Center

The Friends of Tzafon Medical Center Association is a dynamic alliance of individuals driven by action and vision, locally and globally, dedicated to fostering well-being and enhancing lives in the northern Israel. Through resource mobilization and steadfast support, the group empowers the Tzafon Medical Center, making a profound difference at every level.

Zohara Davidai, Chair

“More than 15 years ago, I was fortunate to discover Tzafon Medical Center. As a resident in central Israel, I was unaware of the challenges faced by those in the North and the disparities in healthcare. Yet, I encountered an extraordinary medical facility, where dedicated professional went above and beyone for their patients. Since then, my unwavering belief in the power of quality healthecare to enhance lives and drive regional progress has fueled my commitment to Tzafon Medical Center. I take immense pride in the accomplishments of the Friends of Tzafon Asosciation and invite you to join us in leading the healthcare revolution in the North. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the well-being and prosperity of our community. “

Dr. Dinah Kagan, CEO

“Being a native of the north and a current resident, I’ve witnessed the journey of our region firsthand, from both near and far. For more than a decade, I’ve wholeheartedly dedicated myself to advancing and uplifting the Galilee, bridging the gaps between the north and the center. I firmly believe that we hold a unique opportunity here in the north – a change to cultivate a diverse society, united in our pursuit of excellence, value, and growth in all aspects. Quality healthcare, at the forefront of medical innovation, is an essential foundation for the development and well-being of such a community. I warmly invite you to join us in this important endeavor, as we stand together for the residents of the North and for the collective progress of us all. “

Our Board:

Moti Dotan

Motti is a resident of Kfar Hitim, married to Penina and grandfather to 11 grandchildren. He formerly served as the head of the Lower Galilee Regional Council. Motti currently serves as the Chairman of the Kinneret Nikuz Nahalim Authority, as well as the Chairman of the “Kadima Mada – World ORT” organization (the operational arm of World ORT in Israel). Additionally, he is a member of the Board of Directors at ORT Braude College in Karmiel and the Board of Directors at Kfar Nahar HaYarden (a recreational village for children with life-threatening illnesses) which he was involved in establishing.

Yaseer Amara

Resident of Kfar Kana, married to Suhah and father of four. A helicopter pilot, businessman, and entrepreneur. Owner of a thriving agricultural complex and fuel station “Beit Chai”. “I have always believed in conducting business with a social context in order to live in a healthy society. My social agenda is to work towards mobilizing the necessary resources to support the healthcare system and social support system.”


Kobi Vardi

Born in Tiberias, seventh generation, father of four children, and grandfather of two grandchildren. A key activist in the National Council of Insurance Agents in Israel and a member of the prestigious MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) Insurance Agents Club worldwide. For the past 28 years, Kobi has served as the chairman of the Society for the Benefit of Soldiers in the Tiberias branch, in the Lower Galilee, in a voluntary full-time capacity.

Beny Kiryati, Adv.

Married to Dana and father of five. Served as the Mayor of Tiberias between the years 1998-2003. A navigator with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the IDF. A member of the Board of Directors of the Tiberias Development Foundation, an entrepreneur, and the founder of the Children of Israel Foundation.

Ahuva Shachor

Resident of Shadmot Devora, served as the CEO of the National Insurance northern brach and Chairperson of the “Sovev Kinneret” Partnership. Ahuva is a member of the Lower Galilee Regional Council and its council assembly. A proud grandmother of six grandchildren.

Reli Reuveni

Resident of Ashdot Yaakov Ichud.